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Heather Mintz

Richmond Area Owner

Heather Mintz is the owner and area director for Starz of Richmond.  Heather received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and has 13 years of  experience in business management through a variety of industries.


Health and wellness has always been an extremely important part of Heathers life.  To maintain a healthy lifestyle, Heather enjoys running, doing hot barre, and boot camp classes.  Heather is a certified personal trainer and loves helping others achieve their goals with a healthier, active lifestyle.


As a mother herself, Heather feels that it is never too early to start providing children with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle.  “With childhood obesity in the United States doubling in the past 30 years, I believe it is essential we encourage children to participate in physical activities at an early age.  Fitness education not only gives children early-age experience in various activities but can provide the foundation for building self-confidence and enjoying the long-term rewards of regular physical activity.”


The Starz program encourages children as young as 3 years old to participate in a variety of activities which can help them determine what they enjoy and inspire confidence in becoming an active part of a team.  “I feel privileged to be part of such a successful organization that provides children with the opportunity to live healthier and active lives.  My goal is to positively influence as many children as possible by providing them with the opportunity of the Starz Program in the Richmond area.”

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Ashley Wolfe

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Mattie Rogers


Annabel Long

Dance and Sports Instructor

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Anna Claire Wilkerson

Dance, Sports, Cheer Instructor

Dance, Sports, Cheer Instructor

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Ireland White

Dance Instructor

Dance, Sports, Cheer, Instructor


Tia Jablonsky

Sports and Fitness Instructor

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