Jennifer Dannecker

West Orlando Area Owner

Hello from Orlando! I'm Jennifer Dannecker!  I’m proud to be the owner of STARZ in West Orlando.  For the past 18 years, I worked in the physical therapy and massage industry.  I have a passion for movement and love helping others heal their bodies through exercise!

My dance career started at age five and continues to be something I enjoy doing.  I’m known for teaching dance steps during therapy sessions with my patients.  In addition, I’ve been a natural born cheerleader my entire life!  You can always hear me cheering on others and providing them encouragement to reach their goals. Serving and helping others gives me great JOY!

Finding STARZ has been a dream come true for my pursuit of entrepreneurship and my passion for dance and fitness.  I'm excited to build a business based on the STARZ platform that reaches children at the ground floor of their development, building both skills and confidence.

I credit my mom for sending me to dance class with my success as a therapist.  The training I received as a child in movement helped me have greater body awareness. I learned how to take direction and then take action.  I’m so excited to offer this skill to children in the STARZ program.  I’m overjoyed to expound upon my previous career and add an element of FUN that is missing in the healthcare profession.  Dancing, cheering, kicking, and playing makes my heart sing!

My greatest accomplishment is being a mother, a wife, and a cat mom.  When not dancing, or cheering, we go out searching for painted rocks in our downtown.  We started a Facebook page, Winter Garden Rocks, to promote family fun and adventure. In addition, we love to escape to the beach and experience new delicious foods.

Shine on!


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