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Ballet, Jazz & More

Our co-ed Starz Dance Program provides a nurturing environment for children to explore their dance interests! Customized programs are available in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and creative movement. Our year- round dance classes provide students with coordination, balance, and rhythm building skills. We focus on traditional terminology and definition, flexibility, and performance quality, making our education-based curriculum the best! The Starz Program dance class is perfect for children that are creative, curious, and love moving to music!

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Soccer, Basketball, Golf,T-ball & More

Students learn a new sport each month with our skill-based, non-competitive, co-ed sports program. Children of all skill levels will improve their individual abilities while developing teamwork and spirit. The Starz Program sports class is perfect for children that want to explore different sports while gaining skills, building athletic ability, and having fun! Our sports class provides a nurturing environment and utilizes safe, age appropriate equipment.

T-Ball, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, and more are covered in this class.

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Voice Projection, Motions, Terminology & More

The Starz Cheer Program is a full year program that provides students with the fundamentals of traditional cheerleading skills. During the course of our program, Students will learn several standing cheers and floor chants created by our Starz Cheer Department. With a focus on traditional cheer motions, terminology, and memorization, Starz cheer class also incorporates pom dance and jumps! It is perfect for children that want a solid foundation cheer, while improving balance, coordination, rhythm and self-esteem. In addition, our cheer class provides a nurturing and comfortable environment, with our main focus being safety, and



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Creative Movement, Yoga and Mindfulness

Our newest curriculum added in Spring of 2023 is a combination of Yoga and Creative Movement but also adds a critical element of mindfulness. This class involves a guided journey in which the teacher reads from a book to the students and together they go on adventures that evoke creativity, imagination, processing emotions and involve movement as well as Yoga poses. Each season a new book is introduced as this class helps to enrich the lives of all its participants.

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