Your Happy Place...and it's not a destination

I know you read "happy place" and began picturing that spot you love. For me it's a warm sunny place lined with miles of white sandy beach. Every so often a light refreshing breeze wisps by and my favorite adult beverage is in hand. While this may be a happy place you can travel to let's explore a happy place you can experience daily.

If you are like millions of people you grind out your workweek day after day unfulfilled. Perhaps you have a job, maybe it's even a good job, but it lacks purpose and meaning. Even worse some of you reading this probably have a dunce for a supervisor and could easily do your job and his.

While I was spared the dunce supervisor this was me. Like my mom, I went to college to be a teacher. I graduated, passed my Praxis exam and before long landed a position within the school system. It was a great job with great benefits including a pension but somewhere around the fifth or sixth year I started to wonder was this really what "I" wanted?

What if I told you the grind is not necessary? You don’t have to go on day in and day out unfulfilled. You can experience your happy place daily; and it's easier that you think to achieve.

Experiencing your happy place is as simple as breathing. Breathing comes naturally right? So will your happy place. But first, to find it, you're going to have to strip away the learned layers and get down to yourself.

This means unlearning what you were taught. What you were told to do and perhaps even how to think and feel. It may take some time but when you get past the layers of other people's truths and opinions there you will find buried down deep lies your true self. When you stop being who they told you to be you are free. In this freedom you are able to begin your new journey and live your truth. Keep going and you will find your happy place.

As you begin living authentically you will instinctively know what to do. Perhaps it's to leave your job, or leave your relationship (I did both) or maybe even move cities. Now you are ready to pursue your purpose and vision. It wasn't easy for me to leave a secure job or a ten year marriage but I did and today I can say I am me and am living genuinely. I founded the Starz Program in 2005. I am fulfilled and living out my purpose. I can now say I am in my happy place and I didn’t even have to take a plane to get here!

Spread Shine! Change the world by being YOU.